Next Stop...Tulum

So confession….a sad but true confession. I haven’t been on vacation in over 10 years. I’m not talking about taking a few days off from work and hanging out at home, or visiting my parents for a few days over a long weekend. I’m talking completely unplugged, hop on a plane, no agenda, leisurely days and long nights vacation. I also have another confession…I a 37 years old and I’ve NEVER traveled abroad. That’s right, never been outside of the United States. It’s shameful I know. But last Christmas, my son was with his dad for the third year in a row and I promised myself that this year I’d be on a beach somewhere for Christmas.

And that is exactly what I have planned! In 10

weeks, two days before Christmas, I will be on a plane to Tulum, Mexico to gain the first ever stamp on my passport!!! HELL YEAH! So needless to say I’m excited. The count down is on and this girl has got some planning to do. Outfits need to be fashioned, activities need to be planned, a dog sitter needs to be found and my hair needs to be in order (it’s a black girl thing)!

The first order of business is to get my clothes together so I can start assembling my outfits. Granted, I’ll be on the beach most of the time, but I need at least one travel outfit, one day time on the town outfit, one hiking the Mayan Ruins athletic outfit, five bathing suits with cover ups and hats and five night out outfits. I won’t do like I normally do and pack one pair of shoes for each outfit because…you know….baggage fees. But many, many outfits need to be scouted and I need to start NOW! Stay tuned...

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