It's Time To Prosper

So you've worked your way up, you have crazy letters behind your name, you've obtained that "prestigious" title, you've broken the six-figure mark...but WHAT'S NEXT??  If you're anything like most women I work with, you want more.  More time freedom, more income, more alignment with your true goals and aspirations, more appreciation, more room to be your authentic self.


It's time for others to start recognizing your value and for you to start earning the income and creating the lifestyle you deserve.  Women - especially women of color - are historically underpaid, undervalued and overworked.  Together we will create a brand that allows you to come to the table and command your worth.

Discovering You

Here we we dive right in to uncovering your end goal.  We work backwards from your ideal lifestyle and map out how we will bring that to life.  Even before we start to design, we sit down and map out your ideal lifestyle, your ideal job and or your ideal business.  Who do you want to be in that marketplace?  What do you want to be known for? They say its not a goal until you write it down and put dates of action to it..well that is exactly what we will do.  So let your wildest dreams run free.  I want to know it all!

Comeback Story Development

We believe that your brand story is the juice of any brand. We've all been through some difficult and trying times and have emerged better for them.  Your brand story is the best way to connect with your ideal audience and call in your unique tribe. You've got to tell the people why you are the best person qualified for the job, why they should trust you and show how relatable you are. This is where you can craft the story that precedes you before you walk into any room as well as your distinctive value proposition in the marketplace. 

Avatar Creation

Prior to any marketing development and efforts, you MUST know who, specifically, you are marketing to.  So many people want to jump straight into social media posts or email marketing but they don't even know how their audience wants to received that information, where they hang out and how they speak.  You have to meet your people where they are, so we spend quite a bit of time on your avatar development.  

Brand Image Identity

Let's start crafting your look!  We'll start with presenting a moodboard that encapsulates the look and feel of your new brand.  We will work on identifying your 3 core brand elements.  These will become staples in your brand look for instant brand recognition. We'll finish with on brand wardrobe ideas and all of the external identifying elements.  All of these will be the common thread in your personal appearances, your online presence and any and all interactions.

Best Foot Forward

It's time to have some fun!  We've worked hard to create your best self on paper and in moodboards and now it is time to bring it to life!  During this phase the PF team will coordinate and schedule your photoshoot, create your digital real estate via your website, master your online persona via your social media platforms and assist in creating pitch decks if needed.  Basically, everything that the world will interact with as it pertains to your brand is brought to life...It's all about presentation girl!

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