There is beauty behind every ugly start...

Let me set the scene...In 2008, I unexpectedly found myself pregnant during a time in my life where everything was up in the air.  I had lost my corporate job in sales and business development, was in the middle of a long lawsuit and I had to move back with my parents to a town they had retired to.  I was broke, bored and lonely.  When I found myself pregnant it was such a blow to who I was and the plans I had for my life.  I was climbing the corporate ladder, making money and enjoying the single life.  But, I decided to stay the course and together the father and I decided we would co-parent as best we could.

Imagine my surprise when the man who fathered my child became verbally abusive towards me and threatened all sorts of legal action against me to hold me against my will in a state that I did not consider home. 

Fast forward nine months and imagine my surprise again when the man who was so excited to have a child ended up being a complete no show.  I can count on ONE HAND how many times my son has seen him.  Not only that, but the child support he promised to pay never made it either.  So, I became what I call a "VERY SINGLE MOM." 

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