I'm an entrepreneur, feminist, mother and lover of all things beautiful.  I’m here to foster fierce female leaders.  Strong, powerful, take no mess leaders.  Compassionate, complicated and dedicated leaders.  I also am a beach bum and love margaritas! 


Founder & CEO

I believe in the power of saying YES.  I believe that the most powerful leaders are those who stand in their truth.  I believe that the best way to influence others is to be vulnerable becasue when you walk in your truth you give others permission to walk in their's.

  • MBA In Entrepreneurship

  • Undergraduate Degree In Interpersonal Communication

  • Leadership & Public Advocacy Colloquium

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • 15 Years In Corporate America


In 2008 I found myself a single mom.  The economy had just tanked and I couldn't find a job.  So with no job, no child support and a newborn to take care of life got even worse.  I went from living a life I was happily creating a year and a half ago to standing in line at the department of social services for food stamps, for energy assistance to keep my lights and heat on and WIC to have nutritional food to feed my child.  The very lowest point was when I could no longer afford to pay my rent and I entered a rental assistance program.  Every other week I had to drive to a homeless shelter and sit with people who were even more down on their luck to see my case worker in order for my rent to be paid.  In what felt like the blink of an eye, I had gone from climbing to my mountain top to being in the bowels of depression.  It was at this moment that I realized that everybody has a story and can fall so far from who they once were.

MY Story

Keanna has been an on-air personality and producer at Radio One DC, and a freelance writer for NPR Music. She grew up playing classical piano and studied Music History and Classical Piano at Howard University. 


Executive Producer

Successful in producing more than 40 community outreach events, Tisha has secured sponsorships and donations leading to youth being afforded the opportunity to perform and showcase in New York City for the “Talent America Competition” and “Showtime at the Apollo” and in Los Angeles at the Debbie Allen’s “FAME US” Competition. Tisha enjoys giving back to her community and helping our youth reach their fullest potential.

Tisha McDuffie

Outreach Coordinator