A six month professional makeover to develop

your leadership brand and style

As a woman in the workplace, your voice can often get lost or glossed over and what you have to contribute can fall on deaf ears.  Learning how to create your corporate brand, develop your messaging and get your contributions heard is a skill and art.  You set the tone for what is acceptable, how others see you and ultimately your career advancement readiness.


Likewise, women who have made it to the upper echelon of corporate management become so entrenched in the daily minutia of products, services and profits that they lose connection with the people who help them be successful every day.

Our Executive Leadership coaching offers a unique, introspective look into your management style, leadership role and reliability as they relate to your personal brand and career.  They are focused on helping you become the best leader you can be while increasing morale and overall workplace satisfaction.  In our one-on-one confidential, safe and supportive sessions, women can freely examine, explore and resolve their own unique knowledge gaps, fears and challenges. 

Positioning Your Voice

Future Leaders

This one-on-one coaching is for the aspiring business woman leader looking to develop her voice and define her brand as a heart-centered leader.  You know what you're passionate about, now its time to grow your untapped professional leadership into a profitable, influential, powerhouse brand.

Together we will uncover your unique leadership values, define who you want to be known as in your professional realm and style your leadership brand to bridge the gap to your success.  


By focusing on what you believe and value, and then positively building on this understanding, you have the potential for greater impact and lasting change.

Female Developers

This program includes:

  • In Depth Analysis of Your Core Leadership Values & Competensies

  • Honing  Your Leadership Voice

  • Developing Your Leadership Platform

  • How To Mobilize Collective Action Around Your Vision

  • Positioning Yourself For Developing Others

Women Executives

Balancing Leadership, Work & Life

You have made it to the leadership role you’ve desired. You have a vision for your team or your company, and you are deeply motivated to succeed. You are motivated not only for yourself, but because you believe in the mission and goals.

However, you keep running into roadblocks. You seem to be spending more time managing conflicts between team members than leading. You keep doing work that you should be handing off to others. It seems like there is a lack of focus, initiative, personal responsibility, and accountability amongst your team members. You are starting to doubt yourself and wonder what you are doing wrong.  Sound familiar?

Our individual leadership coaching is a tailored solution for the ambitious,  committed woman who is a business owner, executive leader, manager, or partner who wants to grow in her professional role, leadership presence and business success. You want to learn to navigate the corporate and business culture while integrating your core values into your career and personal choices.


Some questions that bring women to coaching are:

  • How do I move up in a way that reflects my values?

  • Is there a “right” way to lead or manage others?

  • How do I manage stress, overwhelm and work-life balance?

  • Am I making the right choices in both career and family?

  • How do I leverage my strengths?

  • What if I’m not sure if I want to move up the corporate ladder?

  • Am I too old for a career change?


We will help you find your niche as a female leader and affect change with influence and finnesse. 

Professional Young Woman

An inaugural one-day intensive at a luxury location. Here, we will begin your training with a deep dive into your true, authentic self through our REAL method.  (overnight accommodations and lunch included)

Months 1 and 4 include weekly, 1-hour sessions

Months 2-3 and 5-6 include bi-weekly, 1-hour sessions

We conclude with a commencement one-day intensive at a luxury location.  Here, we will appraise the culmination of your training and set forth a detailed action plan to move forward. 

During These Sessions We Will...

  • Evaluate and develop new daily habits

  • Assess current mindsets and limiting beliefs

  • Actively develop an elevated personal brand

  • Formulate personal style, diction, speech and overall personal presentation

  • Learn the art of networking in high powered circles

  • How to handle demanding clients with ease and finesse

  • Learn the how to communicate your leadership style 


  • And more!

Click below to schedule your 1-hour leadership assessment where we will discuss the desired direction you'd like to take your career brand in, how we can help you achieve your goals and to see if working together will be mutually beneficial.

* Note, all packages can be tailored to a corporate setting or group coaching.