Brand Culture Consulting

So what is brand culture consulting anyway?!  Simply put, it's the intersection of your internal corporate culture and the external brand story you're telling. 


Culture building aims to rally employees around a common vision and collective feel of an organization.  When brand culture is not strongly defined it leads to loss of profit, chaos, low morale and overall unhappiness in job satisfaction of employees. We work to implement new employee programs, recognition and incentives in order to create raving brand ambassadors that are your employees.


Therefore, culture building deals with the internal employer brand creation , employee branding and engagement so so that it translates to external perception in order to increase profits and ultimately loyal customer retention.

What We Do

Where we come in as consultants is to assess the day to day internal culture of  your business, speak with employees and upper management to gain insight into what they think is lacking, what their strengths and weaknesses are as employees and then use all of the data to construct a thorough game plan as to how to improve and increase morale, cultural sensitivity and overall brand culture that help meet company goals.  


The outcomes should result in a more inclusive workforce, a more productive and sensitive work environment, increased perception of the corporate brand, its culture, internal stakeholder buy in and improved employee job satisfaction.


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The Process


Step 1: Vision + Understanding

This is the crucial first step in understanding the current brand culture of your organization.  We dedicate the entire first month to confidential employee interviews, observations of company meetings and day-to-day interactions amongst staff.

STEP 2:  Culture Fit Definition

What traits and characteristics specifically define your corporate brand?  This will be used to determine everything from employee hires to products and services.

Step 3: Recommendations + Planning

After observations and interviews have been completed, we provide a detailed recommendation for the way forward.  Once agreed upon, we begin planning the rollout for a successful change management implementation.

STEP 4:  Cooperational Execution

This is where we employ the planned change management recommendations and get employee buy in through trainings, new policy announcements and culture adds.


STEP 5: Visual + Business Development

Now that the new culture has been established, it's on to equally important things. Here we begin to redevelop your brand identity and offerings in accordance with your new brand culture and values.  First, an overhaul of products, services and offering will be assessed.  Next, we will work on items as needed such as logo, colors, team photos, styling, office design and decor, website in order to present the new brand culture and offerings in the best light.

STEP 6: Marketing Campaign Planning

Working with your in house marketing team, we develop new collateral for distribution, identify 2-3 marketing campaigns that will prove fruitful in helping to launch your new brand culture.  Some of these might include a soft re-grand opening, experiential marketing events, contest and/or giveaways.


STEP 7: Observation + Final Recommendations

Durning out last month together, we will circle back with your team to gain some clarity and insight on how they now view their working environment.  We will assess new marketing trends and offer any last recommendations to keep the forward trajectory positive. 

Some core values we

look for in our clients

Open Mindedness: because we’ll be implementing some new ideas and resistance is a bummer...


Diversity:  because women rock, black is beautiful, gay is love and gender identity really doesn’t matter!


Hard Work: because it won’t be easy but we promise it will be worth it...


Commitment:  because nothing feels worse than being left at the alter. Stick with it!


Passion:  because you should love what you do...we sure do!


Authenticity:  because the real you is 100% better than any representative! 


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